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    Winners Circle Country Music Publishing


    Our WCCMP team is built upon Christian beliefs and values. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, professionalism and hard work are all things that we understand. We have built our firm over the years by doing fair and equitable business. Our mission is to “help people through music”, providing songwriters and artists with the tools and skills necessary to be successful. We attribute any success we might experience to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We thank the Lord for his help, guidance and Grace.

    In 2000, songwriter Gus Wolman established Winners Records in Dallas, Texas. As our company grew, we shifted our resources from producing records to pitching and publishing commercial music, and WCCMP was born. Today, employing decades of music industry experience, we work with extremely talented songwriters around the world in seeking authorized use of their commercial music. Our standards are set by the industry, resulting in our cataloging, on average, only 2% of submissions. We aggressively pitch radio friendly “undeniable hit” material to Nashville top 100 and independents around the world.

    In addition to pitching and publishing through BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, WCCMP works with new and existing independent Recording Artists in gaining market share and brand awareness. WCCMP implements market development packages and employs exclusive “People Interest” sales and marketing programs that result in significantly higher profit margins than through traditional marketing.

    Our Texas Music Division was established in 2011. We work with new and established Texas Music Artists, growing their name, market awareness and brand, driven by People Interest songs.

    What Makes WCCMP Different?

    We developed, through entertainment legal counsel, a unique “non-exclusive” songwriter/publisher agreement that leaves song ownership with the songwriter. There is no need for reversion, allowing our WCCMP Songwriter Associates to pitch their music themselves, or, through other non-exclusive agents.

    WCCMP believes in excellent communications. Our very unique “pitch suggestion program” gets WCCMP Songwriter Associates directly involved with the pitch process. We provide our songwriters with a list of upcoming pitch targets, giving them the opportunity to suggest a song for consideration prior to pitch. We, at WCCMP, realize that nobody knows songs better than the songwriter, employing our songwriter suggestions to hone the most finite and competitive pitches possible.


    We, at WCCMP, do our level best to provide our songwriters and independent artist clients with every opportunity to help people and family through their music.

    Our “People Interest” program involves creating a multi-faceted sales and marketing approach focused on creating win/win scenarios for all involved.

    The process involves matching an incredible original song with an interested major organization or charity. We then seek the right artist to employ the song as a vehicle for donating funds to the parent organization/entity benefactor. Our programs, donating at least 51% of digital download gross revenues (not net) to organizations and charities, illustrates our desire to truly make a difference, significantly "helping people through music".

    We work hand in hand as a “team” with the parent organization/charity to employ social and local/regional/national media in support of the program. WCCMP promotes the artist and parent organization/entity in terms of awareness and securing sponsors to further fund the program. The end result is that the songwriter, publisher, record label, artist, sponsors and organization/charity are all benefited, with the charity getting the vast majority of revenues.

    The entire People Interest concept relies on the fact that people will buy from their “heart” to help other people. When listeners have a “perceived need to buy” they will buy not only the People Interest song being promoted, they will buy more songs from the artist than they normally would from others.